Maple is the wood which the majority of skateboards are made from. A wood. And the leaf that appears in the flag of the country where Tom was born, Canada.

He saw how his paternal grandfather, being retired, created a company where he worked the wood and he grew up watching his parents dedicate themselves in a self-taught way to the craftsmanship of this material, going to different markets and connecting to the feeling of humanity that is created and breathed when you dedicate yourself to this.

In addition to the wood, he has studied and worked with industrial metal machines for five years and has a screen arts diploma.

His capacity to work and adapt himself to various situations, his spirit of learning and belief in the power that connects people, between other things, have taken him through various countries with a backpack on his shoulder.

One day, in 2013, between Canada and London, his and Ana´s paths crossed. Two years later, he came to Coruña, just on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here he has created ´El Arce Imaginario´ (The Imaginary Maple) with the support of his partner and family. On one hand pieces made from recycled skateboard and on the other, pieces made from different types of natural wood. In every case, pieces carried out in a handmade way, with unique character.

A manual process, a rhythm of life.